Ashes series in cricket

Ashes series

                  Ashes series England vs Australia


           The Ashes series is the largest movement in cricket.

the Ashes series is the largest movement in cricket.This series between England and Australia is not just cricket, but a battling of two nations. Both teams are just as glorious. The Ashes is the 135th anniversary of the beginning of tomorrow. Its range extends beyond the ground due to its very emotional history. The name of the series is that the name Ashes comes from. There is a very interesting story behind this. Cricket is the birthplace of England. In the first, cricket is dominated by England. But in 1882, it was exactly right before 135 years ago. Australia went to England tour of that year .. they beat them on their own. The media was seriously strained. The Times wrote that English cricket was dead and

The body was burned. Australia had taken the ash.

But England captain Bligh, who went to Australia tour at the end of the year, vowed to bring back the English cricket honor along with the ashes. However, a group of women in a small cup made the ash as a mockery of the England captain who went to Australia. The gray England is said to be a bail on the stumps in a lost match. That little cup was actually used for purple. This event led to a large movement. Ashes became a prestigious series after a game was linked to the country’s dignity. England and Australia host the series every two years

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