Body Types


All humans born in this world composed of bones and flash physically they have many kindred attributes all individuals whether they are men or women have some fundamental kindred attributes according to their sex nature as given many special qualities to human being and it is on the substructure of these qualities one can facilely differentiate between them

If these variants were not there and color shape height of each individual were same it would have been arduous to differentiate between them
Two individuals are physically mentally convivially and emotionally not homogeneous to each other
Even voice of two individuals not akin to each other
All individuals are not congruous for each type of work their work capabilities are different
Children should be divided into different categories according to their physical qualities
Galen and Hippocrates relegated individuals in 4 groups
1. Sanguine, cheerful. Full of blood and powerful
2. Melancholic, sad, negative
3. Choleric, Getting agitated soon, angry but healthy,
4. The phlegmatic, weak, slow, depressed and luster less individual


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