Chennai FC, recovering from a poor start

Chennai FC, recovering from a poor start in the fourth season of the Indian Super League, on Thursday, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium defeated North East United FC 3-0. On the home ground of Chennai, the first win in the ISL against North East United FC is their second victory over this club.
In the match against the domestic team, it was aggressive from the beginning. The Chennai team got the first breakthrough as a suicide goal. But after this, Rafael Agosto scored the goal in the first half and forwarded his team 2-0. Former ISL champion Chennai FC went ahead 2-0 ahead to half time. After this, Mohammad Rafi scored the third goal for the team, which gave the club three points
In the match, Chennai has completely dominated.
In the fourth season of Hero Indian Super League (ISL), the match was played between Chennai FC and North East United FC in the second round of the league at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on November 23, in which Chennai won 3-0. Explain that Chennai had to face defeat at FC Pune City in their first match, while North East United FC played goalkeeper draw against Jamshedpur FC in their first match.
Chennai coach John Gregory said, “We have tried and improved our performance. We’ve redeemed our opportunities early. When we were reminded that North East United was never defeated in Chennai, Gregory, who replaced Marco Materazzi, did not make any difference to this. He said in the press conference before the match, “The records are for breaking. Statistics are always coming. “,,

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