History of Olympics

olympic history

The cutting-edge Olympic Gamepics are driving universal wearing occasions including summer and winter sports in which a great many competitors from around the globe take an interest in a mixed group.s or Olym

Olympic Games are viewed as the world’s first games with more than 200 countries participating.
The Olympic games are held like clockwork, with theSummer and Winter Games substituting by happening at regular periods of time, however, two years separated.
Their creation was excited by the old  Olympic Games, which were held
in Olympia, Greece, from the eighth
century BC to the fourth century AD.
Richman Pierre de Coubertin established theInternational Olympic Committee (IOC) in1894, causing/bringing about/reminding the principal present-day Games in
Athens in 1896. The IOC is the overseeing
body of the Olympic Movement, with the Olympic Charter describing/showing its structure expert.

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