Methods of classification

Methods of classification

Methods of classification
There are many Formula of the classification of people some have been taken one factor into account and others 2
MC. cloy classification have taken all the three factors into consideration

1.Cozen, s method
According to cozens method only two factors have been taken into account
They are 1 height 2 weight
With these two factors he formulated into 9 categories
In this formula there are three categories in height and weight

Height         1 tall         2 medium      3 short
Weight       1 heavy     2 medium     3 Slender

The 9 categories
A 1 tall heavy     2 tall medium.    3 tall Slender
B 1 medium heavy   2 medium medium 3 medium Slender
C 1 short heavy too short to medium 3 short Slender
In this method age was not taken into consideration.
This method appears based on  somato typing of Sheldon and Kretchsmer
This method is useful in College level only
where age was little important


2 Y.M.C.A Method
This method based on age and weight height was not given important in this method but it is most important factor many games
the following classes have been suggested
Class 1.   12 years under 81 lbs.
2.  13 years and up to 81 lbs.
3.  14-15 years under 96 lbs.
4. 14-15 years over 96 lbs.
5. 16-17 years under 111 lbs.
6. 16-17 years over 111 lbs.
7. All 18 years and above
3 Atlantic City method in this method
Importance given to the Academy class along with age and weight
Class                     juniors
5                 under 11 years and under 75 lbs.
6                 under 12 years under 85 lbs.
7                under 13 years under 95 lbs.
8                 under 14 years under 105 lbs.
Class                      seniors
5                  under11 years under 85 lbs.
6.                 Under 12 years under 95 lbs.
7                  under 13 years under 105 lbs.
8                  under 14 years under 115 lbs.
Class                            unlimited
5.                      12 years and over 85 lbs. and over
6.                      13 years and over 95 lbs. and over
7                       14 years and over 105 lbs. and over
8.                      15 years and 115 lbs. and over
The age and weight of elementary school children also considered by this classification but it is not possible to classify children according to this method from the administrative point of viewMadras formula
This formula is the modification formula of European School
The original formula
index = 4A +H + w /3
A= age in completed years
H = height in inches
w= weight in lbs.
depending on the above formula the following classification is given
For boys class
A class.       Index 85
B Class         index between 72 to 85
C class        index between 55 to 70
D class        index below 55
For girls
A class     index able 75
B Class    index between 62 to 75
C class     index between 50 to 60
D class    index below 50
in the Madras state this formula was modified. In this Madras formula they eliminated age factor
Index =1 1/2   Height+ weight
Height in inches weight in lbs.
Classification chart
Index 200 and above seniors
index from 180 to 200 intermediates
index from 160 to 180 juniors
index from 135 to 160 sub juniors
index from 110 to 135 lower class
index below 110 bottom class

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