Objectives of Physical education

objectives of physical education

                         Objectives of Physical education

Cowell and schwehn classified the objectives of physical education into 5 groups

1.Organic power
2.Neuromuscular coordination
3.Personal social attitude and adjustment
4.Interpretive and intellectual development
5.Emotional responses 
Organic power: – He explained organic power means strength, endurance, and ability to resist fatigue.
Neuromuscular coordination: – The development of motor ability, skill in games and sports
Personal, social attitude and adjustment: – The development of social balance and self-confident
Interpretive and intellectual development: – Ability to think and solve problems
Emotional responses:- Responses to person in many challenges


Hetherington. Puts forward five classifications of objectives of physical education.


1 immediate objectives
2 remote objectives
3 objectives in development
4 objectives in social standard
5 objective in control of health condition.

Under the immediate objective, he discusses the need for adult leadership in giving organization to play Life of the children.Under remote objective, he stresses the role of physical education in developing abilities, That makes it easy for the children to change themselves to an adult living group.The object of Development of feeling related, Development of thinking-related and Development of organic related.


By considering all the objectives which were given by various authors, we can find four objectives mainly

 1 .physical development objectives
 2 .motor development objectives
 3.Mental development objectives
 4.Social development objectives.


1 .physical development objectives

     Organic system development of a person gives him physical power. Here is organic system means the digestive circulatory excretory respiratory and heat regulatory system of human body. By doing these activities like running climbing throwing jumping stimulate the organic system.   The training heart beats slower than the untrained heart and pumps more blood for stroke with the result the more food is delivered to the cells. And our body will remove the waste product.

2) Motor development objectives

These objectives are associated with moments of the body .  for doing each moment we have to spend energy. Moments are depended on the coordination of neuromuscular system and Muscular System.  Physical activities can be designed robust coordination between the neuromuscular system and Muscular System, therefore, we are able to complete the work as early as potential with less energy. Motor development depends on these activities 1. Jumping 2.running 3bending 4. Throwing etc..  Physical activities can increase our confidence level and skills. It tells regarding the way to utilize our leisure.

3) Mental development objectives

These objectives belong to knowledge and thinking levels. By doing physical activities we are going to get quick thinking level, therefore, we are able to take the right decision at right time. In physical activities, we are going to learn coordination, rules and regulations and techniques etc.    Everybody ought to find out about the body, sanitation, diet, diseases, and interference of diseases. By doing physical activities we are going to learn all above

4) Social development objectives

  In sports and games we have group competitions, therefore, we are going to learn the way to adjust to a group and society.The basic needs, feelings respect love and affection, towards the society can build us an adjustable person.   By doing physical activities we are going to get social qualities like cooperation, honesty, sympathy, respect, the way to use the facility within the society

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