Olympic Rings

olympic rings

Olympic Rings


776 B.C.the Olympic Rings  (blue, yellow, black, green, red)The rings were adopted by
Pierre de Coubertin in 1913 after he saw an almost the same design on an interesting object from Very old Greece. The five rings represent the five major areas of the world: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Every national flag in the world includes at least one of the five colors, which are:

blue, yellow, black, green, and red. It is important to bring attention to that   Pierre de Coubertin never said nor wrote that the colors of the rings were linked with different continents.

Olympic flag made its first appearance at the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium. At the end of each Olympic Games, the mayor of that host-city presents the flag to the mayor of the next host city.

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