Physical education introduction

Our life is busy during this technological world. Machines, were created for flexibility of man
Now it became tough to do away from our life, we are looking on machines for everything. So this is often reducing our efficiency.
Modern man has less powers and strength, compared to the primitive man, for optimum level of development and growth, correct use of body is today’s education is a source of not only mental development but also physical development. It offers a scope for all round development of individual.
According to modern thinkers the most effective individual is one WHO is physically work, mentally sound, and sharp, showing emotion balanced .Physical education within the past mirrored within the philosophy of people

Egyptians, Babylonians, and Hebrews gave encouragement to the sports, they developed physical education programs. Persians, Cyprus contains a philosophy of conquest achieved through medium of education. According to his philosophy, six years old boys were trained in Running, jumping javelin, throwing, Mounting, Riding and different skills to create men appropriate fighting
Spartans Had a Philosophy the same as that of Persians The boys were taken to the barracks And coaching within the art of jumping, running, wrestling, throwing, weights and coaching in warfare
Athens had a military purpose coaching, they had completely different philosophy learning to accumulate beauty and grace was evident in their life
The life was packed with vigor and that they had a lot of freedom for men .They gave little consideration for the physical education of women.
Roman physical education prepared the youth for war,

The Puritans and other Early settler in America who had an excellent deal of work to do frowned upon different sorts of activities, that didn’t accommodates work type. Wood chopping and corn denudation contest were extremely popular.
In India physical education was a part of education it was meant for developing vigour and preparation for war


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