Physical Education Role in General Education

physical education role

      the contribution of physical education to general education

   physical education role:   Physical education is the part of general education. Physical education teacher works towards the general education goals.
General education and physical education are the different ways to reach our goals.
Mr. CA Bucher explained how the physical education is useful to general education

The objectives of self-realization
These objectives belong to short-term aims. Here the player will analyze himself like his ability, strength, knowledge, character etc…

                                         physical education role

1) An inquiring mind

a player will examine surrounding environment and he analyses himself his ability.he motivates himself towards the Goals. It is very important to stimulating himself to achieve his goal

2) knowledge of disease and health

The happiness and success are interlinked with health that means happiness and success depend on the health. Those persons who don’t have health knowledge they won’t get success.  a person should have minimum knowledge of health and prevention of diseases. physical education will provide this knowledge in the form of 3R’s
1) refreshment
2 )relaxation
3) recreation

3) family and community health

An educated person can maintain not solely his health, but also family, and community health.because without community health he cannot maintain his health.                he invariably motivates his family and community towards the awareness of health. physical education can offer the knowledge of hygiene in the school, society community

4) skill as a spectator and participant in sports

every player will learn keen observation skills by the physical education. He always observes the game rules and regulations to give a good performance. 

5) resource for utilizing leisure hour

An educated person always tries to use his leisure time in the proper way. The physical education provides different activities to utilize his leisure time. By doing these activities get happiness and peace

6) appreciation of body

every person wants good health and body. By doing the physical activities he will get good health and strong body.
Physical education is the key to the beautiful body

7) directing one’s life towards worth goal

everybody wants to lead his life towards the goal. If he doesn’t have good guidelines he won’t achieve his goal. Physical Education is very helpful in the formation of good guideline to achieve his goals.

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