physical education teacher qualifications


physical education teacher qualification: Student needs all-round development

physical education teacher should have these qualities, because student need all-round development.

all-round development means mentally and physically development.In classroom studies a student will develop his mental abilities there is no chance of developing physical abilities for this we need physical education.

In physical education various activities are planned and organized for the development of physical and mental abilities, it provides practical knowledge of life.The students were participating in different sports activities need a special training. A subject teacher cannot handle these activities, well qualified and trained Teacher of physical education only do these activities.

Qualities of physical education teacher

As a physical education teacher will have to do many duties. He will be required to teach special skills to the participant in various tournaments. He is to guide the students in the development of their health,
He should be able to mark the playing field conduct the activities and officiate physical activities.

Qualifications of physical education teacher


Academic qualifications:

Physical education teacher should have academic qualifications according to the level of Institutions
Educational qualifications for physical education teacher working in primary and Middle School at least matriculation
Secondary School at least BA
For colleges MA
In addition to these, He must be aware of the knowledge of Health, physiology, and psychology
Because he plays an important role in the development of the Student personality

Professional qualifications:

Without professional training, the physical education teacher cannot do his duties. He should have these qualifications Primary and Middle School C.P.ED,  Higher Secondary School D.P.ED, B.P.ED college level M.P.ED
The physical educator ought to have adequate knowledge of most activities, he ought to have the flexibility to demonstrate and analyze totally different activities, he ought to be expert in a number of them
Physical education teacher Should have  the capabilities to set up many programs,

physical education teacher ought to have smart, temperament suggests that mental and intellectual quality he shouldn’t be impulsive in nature, he ought to be a person of determination self-esteem and inventive thinking.

Physical education teacher ought to be a person of high ethical character, he should possess the qualities of nonpartisanship, justice, honesty, labor, cool mindedness, self-management smart conduct, and tolerance.

He ought to have the qualities of leadership like self-direction, ability to need fast decisions, self-confidence crucial thinking and clarity in thoughts and action his perspective ought to be democratic

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