Public relations in physical education

Through this education an individual can develop his mental and intellectual capabilities
He will become a use full person to the society.    A school Familiar to the society by its activities and problem s

Public relations in physical education

In physical education public relation more important,lack of knowledge of physical activity and its important they don’t urge their children take part in physical activities.
Generally parents enquire their children’s academic side development but not physical education side
For this physical education needs public relations
To be communicated to the public about the different activities in physical education because it creates interest on them they came to know, the active organised  in physical education and how the activities will help to them.

                               The following things need to published and physical fitness of students

2.achievement of the students

3.the physical activities

A successful physical education programme  need people co-operation and interest
Above items will engage the people to take active interest in physical education.
Therefore, the successful programme need the support of the people

Organisation need two things

1.Essential facilities

2.Discipline in the players and audience

Without support of local people we cannot success in organisation

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