Sexual harassment in Sports is diminishing the Prestige of Sports

Sexual harassment

Recently we are often reading in newspapers about sexual harassment in Sports.
It is diminishing the Prestige of Sports.
According to a survey report (in the world) 31 percent of female athletes and 21% of male athletes sexual abuse before the age of 18.
Especially coaches and officials of Sports committed to the sexual abuse, Sometimes staff and fellow players too involving in this
what is the legal definition of sexual abuse?
Legal definition of sexual abuse is sexual abuse was considered to be any sexual activity between an adult and a child under 18 years old regardless of whether deception was involved or the child understood the sexual nature of the activity or not ,sexually explicit conversation also considered as sexual abuse.

An analysis of 159 cases of sexual abuse in sports. 98% of cases the culprits were coaches and instructors, The culprits age from 16 to 64 years 29% of culprits married and 31% had children
In Some cases women also committed this type of abuse.
Sexual abuse happens in places where activities are carried out and during the competitions away from home

When it comes to India, Here, too, there were some Incidents
In Indian women’s hockey, Indian women’s cricket, and Indian gymnastics
These are the most painful things happen in sports


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