Why is the South African cricket team called proteas

 proteas are pink and yellow flowers.  the plant grows to between 0.35 meters and 2 meters in height
Australians are called kangaroos, Newzealand referred to as the kiwis, And Bangladesh as tigers.
As well as the South Africa team is being called proteas,
Protea is a South African national flower and they are found in South Africa only.In 1976 South Africa took the king Protea as it’s national flower.
This flower represents change and hope.
the speciality of this flower it can survive from wildfire, It produces new growth when a fire and grows back stronger.
Protea means proteus, the Greek god in mythology. Proteus was a sea god, he was able to change his appearance at will. Today proteas are cultivating in or then 20 different countries.

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