Superior heritage in physical education

వ్యాయామ విద్యలో ఉన్నతమైన వారసత్వం
It is said that the Greeks were the first to start exercising similar to these days. Then they were called the athlete who they were for the prize.
Elders of upper classes in the Greeks were trained either in military or in gymnasium, they were trained in Running, jumping, throwing, swimming, and wrestling
In 1700-1800, gymnastics started in Europe, Where students and factory workers played separately.
Those who migrated to America from England played their game in America, Their game attracted everyone.
In Europe, school activities are more focused on health care.
It was implemented by the use of exercise.
These programs were called “Physical Training, “and   Physical Culture,
The term was strong in the 1800s.
Later, in the term of gymnastics, strength development, and sports used the term physical education.
Later, however, the term physic education was often confused with the use of the term.
The term athletics is used as a term for track and field elements,
Sports performed people who are ingenious in America.
All athletics in colleges were conducted under the Physical Education program.


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