Terminology in physicaleducation teacher should know

Terminology .

Terminology in physical education.

Physical training is usually used as a synonym for physical education
But in fact, it’s a different thing. This word is derived from the army, which requires a strong person to handle the most difficult tasks in the army. They are restricted to some difficult (hard) functions.

Contains the following subjects

1.Conditioning exercise


3  Drill and marching


The main goal of exercises is to strengthen the strength and fitness of man.

Physical culture, Physical culture goal is to develop the body beautifully by improving shapely muscles. This term is usually used in  U S S R.
Some types of Equipment can be used to ‘develop certain muscles in the muscles formulation process’.  Today ‘weight training exercises are using for this purpose.
Gymnastics are initially included in gymnastics exercises with gymnastics exercises’ in gymnastics.

today included exercises with gymnastics internationalism, Parallel bar, pommelled horse, Roman ring etc.  These days, There are separate classes for men and women.

Drill: –

This is a special kind of program. It is a recurring process which helps to bring in balance.
Discipline can be developed through this, which is commonly used in the army for development in fighting, walking, and fighting arms without weapons.


(sports) means Recreational, and getting away from work.
If we think of sports, it is not just pleasure but sports (sports) has a wide array of sports.Includes athletics and swimming etc.
Sports means where the pattern of movements does not change.
Sports is usually individual.

Games (Games) Become a transition from
action to action, meaning change in motion pattern.

like a change in games like hockey basketball.
Strategies based on competitive intensity. need body movement.

Health education

Live most and save least.
If he is a healthy person, he can work effectively, he can guide others.
Health education is good health, sleeping, resting, and keeping the body away from malignant illness.
Health education is a part of physical education.
An unhealthy person did not think about his development.


Recreation means Retrieving the lost power To satisfy happiness.
Life becomes meaningless without recreation.
In modern life, man is going through a lot of problems. He’s working hard on work.
By recreation, he is recovering the energy

Special Education Terminology Every Physical Education Teacher Should Know

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