The aim of physicaleducation

The aim of physicaleducation
Education outlined as a modification, or modification of the student as a results of experience
It will take us conclusion, this conclusion become goals. Goals suggests that guide lines towards these directions.
In these goals most remote goal is mentioned as Aim
Accomplishment of the aim rely upon objectives.
Here objectives suggests that those steps that are taken to achieve aims.
J.E William education ought to aim to provide skilled leadership enough facilities plentiful time for the person and also the groups to participate in activities that are physically whole some, mentally stimulating and socially sound
Central advisory board of physical education:
 The aim of physical education depends on political and social        changes in society
Generally the aim of physical education is to make each individual physically, mentally, and emotionally, fit

l.Master:-aim of physical education is claimed to be healthy citizens, social status and stability although all objectives can be aims, but some are so distance and general in nature that accomplish them is troublesome. Aim circles around objectives. This is abstract and presents a model


Aim of physical education is maximum and alterative development of man from physical, social, mental, and emotional view point. This development keeping the physical education levels in mind is possible through the medium of games synchronized exercises and gymnastics under suitable guidance

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