The Father of Indian Physical Education.

indian physical education father

 The Father of Indian Physical Education

Indian physical education father:

Harry CrowdBuck was born on November 25, 1884, in Liverpool. He studied B. S Physical Education at Springfield College. He played, basketball, football, and baseball, in the college.

the later period He joined as a Physical education teacher in a high school.
At the time Y.M.C.A new york gave him the opportunity to work in Madras Y.M.C.A. Therefore, Harry Crowd Buck came to India in 1919.

In that time the Indian economy was not good as World War II. He was shocked by the Indian atmosphere the weather in India is hot when compared with America. There is also a difference in the traditions of the people here.

Even though with his behavior and personality he attracted everyone.Madras gymnasium was just a basketball court where there was only one space. With Buck’s arrival, it became the city’s leading gymnasium. Everyone is competing to join.
Later he expanded his programs to colleges in the saidpet, 65 acres were allocated for this.

Even young people from different countries come here to join. That campus speaks 14 languages, which means that physical education is popular here.  Harry Crowd Buck served here for 23 years.

He worked very hard on bringing the Olympic movement in India. In 1924, Paris Olympics he was the manager of Indian Olympic team.As a result of his work for sports development in India was called the Father of Indian Physical Education. He said India need Indian coaches and trainers for the development of Indian Sports, The great man died on July 24, 1943, at the age of 58.

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father of Indian physicaleducation

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