Krestchmer,s classification sheldon classification

Pyknic endomorph               7-1-1                         extraverts
Athletic mesomorph             1-7-1                        ambiverts
Asthenic ectomorph             1-1-7                         introverts

1.They have large and heavy limbs
2.large muscles and big massy neck
3.pot belly and lengthy intestines
4.fingers are short but  hands are broad
5.feet are broad
6.low arch is  thick hair is less abundant
8. an excess of fat throughout the body
9.round head, broad face, a square jaw and small ears
10they have good digestive system they can digest hard food also
11.they like to delivering lectures and like to participate in social functions
12.they act first and think afterwards
13.they over estimate their abilities
14.they are always want to happy
15.they cannot stick to one job and they have  butterfly tendency
16.stocky type and extraverts
Athletics (mesomorph)

1.they have medium level body
2.broad shoulders and narrow hips
3.face like oval shape
4.well-built body and  strong
5.good co-ordination between their physical and mental qualities
6.thorax is full and rounded
7.they have  powerful neck
8.upper abdomen is rounded
9.they are combination of the two types  of Pyknic and Asthenic
10. Losing weight and gaining muscle is easy for them
11.their body response quickly to exercise

1.they are slender and tall
2.either small and delicate or Tall
3.small muscles ,drooping shoulders, long fingers, toes are thin
4.feet with high arch
5.soft skin and abundant growth of hair
6.spinal card long and slender
7.large head  and narrow face
8.stomach is longer and tubular
10.poor digestive system
11.slow  in action but quick in reflection
12.they try to solve their problems at brain level
13.heart and lungs are small
14.low level energy
15.they are single track minded
16.they under estimate their capabilities
17.After action and reaction  they take long time to  settle down
18.they are irritable and introverted
19.they are good at activities like basket ball

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